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As a child, I already found a world in music in which I could express my emotions. It has always been my passion.
I grew up with piano, ballet lessons and musical early education, loved canons and was mostly quite loud. My energies were unrelenting, and they first sought their way over the physical expression. For many years, I devoted myself intensively to dancing. (…)
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Malina Ebert, Franziska Böhm, singer, actress
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CIRQUE BOUFFON: SOLVO +++ 13. & 14.12.2017 20.00 Uhr@Spectacles Onésiens, Onex (Genf, CH) +++ 15. & 16.12.2017 20.00 Uhr@Le Sémaphore, Irigny (Lyon, FR) +++ 19., 20. & 21.12.2017 20.30 Uhr@Espace Culturel du Val de Siagne, La Roquette-sur-Siagne (Cannes, FR) +++ 23.12.2017 20.00 Uhr@Le Mail Scène culturelle, Soissons (FR)

CIRQUE BOUFFON: SOLVO+++ 23rd to 25th March 2018@Maison des artes de Créteil (Paris, FR)+++ 4th to 29th April 2018@Musiktheater im Revier (MiR), Gelsenkirchen

CIRQUE BOUFFON: LAFOLIA+++ 4th to 7th April 2018@Musiktheater im Revier (MiR), Gelsenkirchen

BULCANTO+++ 21st June 2019 8pm@Passionskirche (Fête de la musique)

BLUTIGER HONIG+++ 3rd & 4th August 2019@Theater O-TonArt Berlin

BIG CHRISTMAS CIRCUS+++ 11th-29th December 2019@Zeltpalast Merzig

BIG CHRISTMAS CIRCUS+++ 11th-29th December 2019@Zeltpalast Merzig

PLAN B - KRIMI MEETS JAZZ+++ 27th May 2019 8pm@Montagskultur | Freie Volksbühne e.V. Berlin

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